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SELS LED MR16 Led Spotlight 6.5 Watts 450 Lumens 75 Watt Flood Light bulb, Halogen Spotlight Equivalent UL 2700K Soft White – 3 Pack

$11.99 (as of October 8, 2017, 3:10 am) & FREE Shipping. Details

This MR16 LED bulb consumes just 6.5 Watts, emitting 450 lumens of light, serving as an effective replacement for a 75 watts equivalent halogen Spotlight, flood light bulb, saving you up to 181.58 USD in energy costs.
Provides a beautiful, intense level of light creating a soft white and beautiful atmosphere. Ideal for use in: Outdoor Lighting, landscape lighting, outdoor living rooms, ceiling light, lighting fixtures, recessed fixtures, track lighting, 12V Outdoor lighting.
Designed to last for 22 years or more, you won’t have to worry about switching out your lights for quite some time.

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SELS Company

SELS used to be founded with the vision that LED lighting had to be an reasonably priced quality product with a view to grow to be the brand new Lights same old for the conscientious consumer.

SELS is proud to provide a line of Lights products perfect designed for the patron who values top of the range, sustainable Lights solutions for his or her home and business. We regulate each and every side of the design, development and manufacturing process to be sure to get a high quality product you’ll count on. By opting for SELS brand energy efficient Lights solutions, you begin to scale back your carbon footprint and make a difference to your environment lately, for a miles brighter day after today.

SELS Designs

Have you been turned away from upgrading to energy efficient light bulbs by the way in which they appear and dear worth? At SELS we be aware. That is why our MR16 led lighting are designed to appear to be not unusual MR16 led flood serving as a very easy energy efficient replacement for standard Outside MR16 Led light bulb. Our designers team attempt to offer aesthetically gorgeous bulbs, providing the best quality and the most productive price on your money.

SELS Led bulb color light: Heat White

These SELS LED MR16 Led floodlight, same old base GU5.3 come up with instant light output with only a easy turn of a switch. These bulbs supply soft white, Heat color (2700 kelvin), which supplies great couzy look out of doors or inside of the house, producing a pleasant Heat radiance full glow ideal for:Outside scenarios, living rooms, dining rooms and recreation rooms, Outside areas, reccessed lighting and general Lights use.


landscape led bulbs, Outside, directional Lights, track Lights, recessed Lights, flood Lights, security lighting, landscape lighting, directional lighting, spotlights, arquitectural Lights.
This MR16 LED bulb consumes just 6.5 Watts, emitting 450 lumens of sunshine, serving as an efficient replacement for a 75 watts identical halogen Spotlight, flood light bulb, saving you as much as 181.58 USD in energy costs.
Supplies a fantastic, intense level of sunshine creating a soft white and wonderful atmosphere. Ideal to be used in: Outside Lights, landscape Lights, Outside living rooms, ceiling light, lighting, recessed fixtures, track Lights, 12V Outside Lights.
Designed to last for 22 years or more, you would not have to fret about switching out your lighting for fairly a while.
SELS Led light bulbs are designed to appear to be not unusual MR16, GU10 light bulbs, flood bulbs, serving as a very easy energy efficient replacement for standard incandescent MR16 75 watts spotlights.
No Ultraviolet (UV) light, don’t draw in mosquitoes like conventional bulbs, would possibly not result in fading, our SELS led bulbs are freed from toxic chemicals, like Mercury, they are also one hundred% recyclable, allowing you to assist in making the arena slightly bit greener.
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